5 Simple Ways Surveying Drones are Changing the World

You may still think of drones as a fun toy to buy your kid for their fifth birthday, but in 2024, this technology has gone far beyond recreation and is actually changing the landscape of many industries. 

Major organizations across the globe are using surveying drones, in particular, to make leaps and bounds in various industries. This article will take a closer look at some of the many ways commercial drones are changing the world for the better. 

Revolutionizing Agriculture

Using drones for surveying farm activity is a game changer in the agriculture industry. This technology can provide more detailed aerial imagery to farmers, allowing them to monitor and gather data on crop health, irrigation needs, soil conditions, and more.

Farmers have been able to use these capabilities and the data provided to take better care of crops and cattle, make quicker and more informed decisions, and increase crop yields overall. Drone use has also resulted in reduced costs and more sustainable farming practices. 

Enhancing Environmental Conservation

In a similar vein, wildlife conservation has benefitted in various ways from the implementation of surveying drones. 

Drones provide a fast, safe, and efficient way of monitoring and protecting wildlife populations and habitats, offering a bird’s-eye view of even the most dangerous and inaccessible areas. The tech has been implemented to track and care for animals and even contribute to anti-poaching efforts. Furthermore, forest mapping plays an important role in monitoring changes and the effects of conservation efforts over time. 

Improving Construction and Infrastructure Projects

One area in which drone technology has made a significant impact is the construction industry, particularly in terms of safety and site management. 

When used for tasks like site inspection, drones significantly reduce the need for teams to access physically dangerous areas, making the process safer and more cost-effective. These tools also assist in providing more accurate data, real-time tracking, and faster and more informed decisions. 

Transforming Disaster Management and Relief Efforts

It’s no surprise that drones play a pivotal role in emergency response and disaster management. As in construction, this technology can help protect the health and safety of workers by alleviating the need for them to enter dangerous situations. 

Drones can take on the dangerous task of quickly surveying disaster areas, collecting data, locating people, and pointing rescue teams in the right direction. Hard-to-reach places like damaged buildings or destroyed forest regions can be surveyed without any danger to a team. 

Innovating Mining and Resource Extraction

Finally, drones have been used in mines and on-site mining processing plants to gather data, improve safety and productivity, and reduce costs. 

Drones can monitor the progress of mining activity and track stockpiles of extracted resources, thereby improving resource management. Surveying drones are also used to inspect machinery and sites to ensure that they’re safe for mine workers to operate and access, which assists in preventing accidents and downtime. In addition, the data that drones can gather can be used to make more informed decisions. 

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