Cash or Crash Game Explained | Features, Game Rules, Payouts

Cash or Crash is a popular live game show that promises high-flying excitement and the opportunity to win big. With its immersive studio environment and cutting-edge augmented reality technology, Cash or Crash brings the thrill of the game show experience right to your fingertips.

Like popular casino games like Aviator, Lightning Roulette, and Andar Bahar, Cash or Crash have taken online casino sites by storm. This blog explains the Cash or Crash in detail.

Cash or Crash Game Features

Imagine soaring through the sky aboard a majestic blimp, surrounded by the buzz of a bustling metropolis, all from the comfort of your home. Cash or Crash Live is a unique live game show that provides an entertaining and enthralling gaming experience.

Here’s a list of  top features that make this game a hot property on online casino sites:

  1. Immersive Studio Environment: Cash or Crash takes place in a wonderfully realistic studio environment.
  2. Augmented Reality: The game utilizes augmented reality to transport players into a bustling metropolis.
  3. Ball Drawing Machine: A ball drawing machine selects colored balls randomly, determining your winning as you climb higher up the paytable.
  4. Decision Points: At each decision point, players can choose to Continue, Take Half, or Take All.
  5. Gold Ball Bonus Round: Drawing a gold ball triggers a bonus round where players are shielded from crashing and can watch as more green balls are drawn to propel them higher on their journey.

Cash or Crash Game Rules:

Cash or Crash is a ball drawing game boasting a unique 20-step ladder-type pay table. It offers players an exciting opportunity to climb to extraordinary winnings.

Here are the Cash or Crash game rules:

  • One Bet: Players place one bet to get the chance to climb higher up the paytable and increase their winnings.
  • 19 Green Balls: Green balls offer the opportunity to win bigger prizes.
  • 8 Red Balls: Red balls signal danger, causing the blimp to crash unless players catch a gold ball and receive a shield.
  • 1 Gold Ball: Gold balls activate a shield, protecting players from the next red ball and potentially increasing payouts on the paytable.

How to Play Cash or Crash Game?

Knowing how to play the game is essential at online casino sites. Most gaming platforms offer a guide on how to play Lightning Roulette, Aviator, and other popular games. The first step in the Cash or Crash game is to choose a reputable gaming platform. Make an account there, log in, and deposit money.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play Crash or Game: 

  • Place Your Bet: Start by placing your bet to get the chance to climb the paytable ladder.
  • Watch the Draw: As the ball drawing machine selects colored balls randomly, watch to see if you climb higher or face danger.
  • Make Your Decision: When a green ball is drawn, you have three choices: Take All to secure your winnings, Take Half to split your current winnings and stay in the game, or tap on Continue to keep playing.
  • Bonus Round: You’ll enter the bonus round if you draw a gold ball. Here, decisions are skipped, and you’re shielded from crashing. Sit back and watch as more green balls are drawn to take you higher on your journey.

Cash or Crash Game Payouts:

In the Cash or Crash game, you can climb to the top of the paytable and win up to 18,000x your bet or up to 50,000x if you draw the gold ball. The higher you climb on the paytable, the greater the potential payouts, making each decision a thrilling opportunity to win big.

Here’s the payout for each paytable level:

Pay Table LevelPayout before Shield is BrokenPayout after Shield is Broken

Concluding Thoughts:

Cash or Crash is a unique and thrilling live game show that offers players the chance to experience the excitement of flying high in the sky while winning big prizes. With its immersive studio environment, augmented reality technology, and simple yet engaging gameplay, Cash or Crash is one of the most exciting online casino games.

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