Exploring Global Opportunities: Top Countries for Citizenship by Investment in 2024

Pursuing a Second Passport through Citizenship by Investment is an important decision that one can make for their family. It not only provides security to your family but also provides you with global opportunities, personal and professional growth, business expansion, and global mobility. Considering global business, it is evolving with each passing day. You need to stay up to date in order to lead your business to the new heights. When high net-worth individuals see limited opportunities for travel and business, they feel the dire need for a strong passport that can make travel to their desired destination easy and accessible without any visa. This is where Citizenship by Investment programs come in. If you are open to investing from $100,000 to $500,000,000 all these countries will grant you a legal citizenship and passport. So, let’s introduce you to the top countries providing citizenship by investment in 2024.

Understanding Citizenship by Investment

The countries offering citizenship by investment programs demand external investment in their economy through various options like donations, national funds, and investment in real estate or businesses. In return for the investment, investors get numerous benefits like visa-free travel access to the Schengen zone, business expansion, or you can create bank accounts in an international bank which further provides benefits to your business in the long run.

Citizenship doesn’t end on investment but, you can obtain it without making any investment as well. You decide on a country based on its benefits and then you reside over there for some specific period. You can’t leave the country unless your application gets approved. So, fret not as investment no longer restricts you from obtaining citizenship.

Previously, citizenship by investment programs has been affected a lot. During the pandemic in Covid-19, many countries shut their door up on the investors which affected the economy of those countries drastically. Since then, even if the doors are reopened, you can see various changes in the countries on a daily basis. Cyprus was known as the best citizenship by investment program but now it has closed its program. The same is the case with Portugal even though it provides the golden visa its real estate investment option has been closed. Malta has become a much more strict option for getting citizenship. So, you can’t rely on one option as changes are frequently expected in these programs. However, as per 2024 updates some of the countries are on the top for providing citizenship by investment that are as follows.

Top Citizenship by Investment Countries

Let’s explore countries where you can get citizenship by investment. These are Caribbean and European countries. We’ll discuss each country with respect to its requirements, benefits, and eligibility criteria.

Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs

Let’s just discuss Caribbean countries first. There are Islands in the Caribbean which offer citizenship by investment to the individuals in order to sustain their economy. These are famous for their swift process and investment in real estate or donation.

Price Update: Recently, all the Caribbean countries except Saint. Lucia signed an MoU that the lowest amount to get citizenship is $200,000 instead of $100,000. Which means the prices are doubling up. So, if you want to have citizenship, make sure you get it before 30th June 2024 so you don’t pay double for that.

Moving forward to the Countries which are offering citizenship are:

  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Dominica
  • Grenada
  • Saint Lucia
  • Saint Kitts & Nevis

Antigua & Barbuda

Since its inception in 2013, Antigua and Barbuda has been in discussion amongst many due to its reasonable price. It offers access to the international market, minimum time to spend to get citizenship, you can include your family members with you and investment is required after the approval.


Dominica offers two investment options. You can either invest $100,000 in the National Funds or $200,000 in the Real Estate option. Here, you have the edge of maintaining your citizenship without any physical residence. This means, no need to reside in the country in order to get citizenship.


Due to its strategic location, many investors around the world desire to get a Grenadian passport. It connects the business owners to the hub of business for trade and investment purposes. From an economic perspective, it has grown a lot. One more plus point is that it makes getting a USA E2 treaty visa easier which means you can travel to the USA as well on this visa.  

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia offers multiple investment options to get citizenship like real estate investment, business investment, or donation. You can make your investment in any of these programs and become a Saint. Lucian citizen within no time. ‘No stay requirement’ gives you the freedom to go there any time.

Saint Kitts & Nevis

Saint Kitts & Nevis citizenship program is famous for its history as it is the oldest and the most affordable program in the world to offer citizenship. Due to this, many people tend to visit this country for tourism purposes and many others get citizenship to enjoy the lifetime perks. It’s a secure country for business purposes plus provides visa-free travel access to 150+ countries.

In a nutshell, for one person St Lucia is the cheapest. For families, Antigua is the cheapest. Grenada & Antigua both are family-friendly CBIs for siblings.

European Citizenship by Investment Programs

There are many benefits of moving to a European country by becoming its citizen. You get access to the EU region, you get all the rights that a native gets, and you are entitled to consular assistance as well. Talking about the countries, there are many countries but we’ll make ourselves rigid to the specific ones and won’t go into too much detail.


Turkey launched its citizenship by investment program in 2017 and initially, it didn’t get many attractions. However, by the time its price was reduced, it started getting attention. There are no language proficiency requirements. Plus, its registration is quite quick which makes it a reasonable option. For travel-free access, it provides you access to the European Union and you can get your business started in the US due to the eligibility of getting an E2 visa.


Your Second Passport may be your gateway to a brighter future. Countries listed in this blog are famous for their fastest processing and every country offers you plenty of opportunities to grow yourself. Global citizenship by investment programs other than the above-mentioned countries are Malta, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, Latvia, Montenegro, and Austria from the European Union. Some countries have floored the prices to new heights while in some of the countries, the changes are expected. This is why the details of these programs are not mentioned. By becoming a citizen of these countries you can provide your family with an excellent healthcare and education system. Another perk is that your citizenship will pass out to your generation so whatever you build today will be enjoyed by your family. Being a businessman you can further expand your business and plan it accordingly. These are the reasons why you may consider citizenship by investment.

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