How to Move a Mattress?

To move a mattress can be an overwhelming affair particularly when you are going through small staircases or tight corridors. Irrespective of the reason behind moving, understanding effective ways of relocating mattresses can save your effort, time and potential frustration. Varied options ranging from DIY methods to professional mattress moving services in Singapore at low prices are available to make this process easier.

Which Tools are required to move a Mattress?

Before you shift your mattress ensure that you gather all the necessary equipment. Some of them might already be existing, if not, they can be found easily within the vicinity. Visit  for mattress moving.

Protect with Bag

One of the steadiest approaches of transporting a mattress is by way of the usage of a specifically made mattress bag. These baggage are manufactured the use of robust material that enables to keep off dirt, dust and moisture. They also have handles for easy movement and can seal tightly thus preventing sliding out.


When packing up for a move or even rearranging furniture, attaching tape onto it prevents any shift or damage during transportation. It will give you additional sense of safety while on transit if you choose heavy-duty packaging tape.


In moving heavy objects like mattresses ropes work like simple tools but they hold an amazing force. It has everything to do with right technique used and knowing all principles involved in physics about it too. Ropes help make such missions much easier by spreading away weight evenly as well as creating firm home bases.


A scissor may seem unimportant tool which is looked down upon by many individuals. But where one wants to transfer his bed then this little thing could play essential role in doing so thereby making sure things happen without any problem at all times.

Hire Assistant

Although hiring an assistant just to help you move a mattress may seem as such a small task, it can make all the difference in the process. You not only avoid risking yourself physically by lifting heavy pieces of furniture alone, but also may speed up your removal thanks to additional hands involved.

How Can I Move a Mattress?

You should follow several steps to move a mattress:

  • When planning on relocating or storing your bed, start by ensuring that there is free space around it so that you have clear path for moving. By clearing away obstructions like furnishings or mess, you can ensure safer and more efficient work processes while moving.
  • Lift and place your mattress into a specific mattress bag designed to protect it during transportation, next. It is essential in keeping your mattress clean and intact, preventing dust, dirt, dampness or other damage from spoiling it.
  • When the mattress has been securely enclosed within the mattress bag, you should now take it out of its current location and load it onto the moving vehicle or designated storage area. Make sure that you lift the bagged mattress with your legs, not with your back so as not to strain it.

How do I securely get my Mattress? 

The proper way of securing your bed is a should to make sure you sleep well and extend its lifespan. An excellent alternative for securing your mattress is by means of use of a bed pad. Apart from keeping spills and stains away from it, this waterproof cover enables no dust mites or allergens that may result in healthier sleeping environment. Another method of securing your mattress is by purchasing a strong bed frame. An enduring bed frame will supply the right support needed and keep the mattress from making any sagging or shifting movements. 

Final Thoughts

Moving a mattress is challenging but can be done right by adequately preparing and using appropriate moving mechanisms. There are several things that must be done when moving a bed such as measuring doorways to know which size of bed will fit through them easily. With those tips in thoughts, you will be able to flow your mattress readily and keep away from any needless strain or stress on transferring day.

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