Market Your Brand Using Printed Drawstring Bags

The business world is competitive, and SMEs with small marketing budgets can struggle to keep up with the pace. However, an inexpensive and creative way of marketing your business is by using printed drawstring bags. They are cheap to manufacture compared to duffle bags and backpacks.

But the problem lies in designing quality drawstring bags that will leave your customers happy. There is a lot that you must do from choosing materials to finding the perfect bag manufacturer. In this guide are all the essential steps to market your brand using printed drawstring bags.

Design With the Customer in Mind

Don’t start designing the drawstring bag without studying your target audience. An in-depth study will help you learn what your customers like, their professions, and age range. The goal is to ensure that your customers use the bag often to earn your business free advertising.

While you’re at it, factor in your brand identity. The design should feature your brand colours, business logo, and a slogan. This is enough branding, but you can get more creative with the colours and fonts to create a standout design.

Extra Features for Functionality

Printed drawstring bags are dynamic and can be used to run different errands. They are perfect for carrying gym items, grocery shopping, and outdoor activities like hikes. Think about how you can make the bag more valuable to your customers.

For example, you can add pockets on the sides for carrying small essentials like keys and water bottles. You can also add extra padding on the bottom to offer more protection in case of a fall. Such additions will make people use the bags more often, which is great for your marketing endeavours.

Find a Good Bag Manufacturer

The bag’s life depends on the material and build quality. Find a bag manufacturer with experience producing printed drawstring bags for brands. A good option you can consider checking out is RocketBags. They are a leading bag manufacturer known for designing high-quality backpacks, tote bags, and drawstring bags for businesses.

Ask for quotes from various manufacturers before deciding. Also, discuss deliverables and turnaround times before signing the deal. We always recommend getting a prototype of the design first before proceeding with mass production. The goal is to collect feedback from relevant stakeholders and make changes if necessary.

Strategic Distribution is Key

Now that you have the bags ready, how will you ensure that they reach your target audience? There are several ways you can use to distribute the bags. The first option is giving away the bags during local shows and trade fairs.

You can also sponsor a local charity event. For example, sponsor a walk or marathon for a good cause and gift each participant a printed drawstring bag containing water and other essentials.

Think about creative challenges for your social media followers. Winners can get a gift hamper with items in the branded drawstring bag. You can also reward your customers with a drawstring bag with a personalized message appreciating their loyalty.

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