Top 6 full suspension ebikes

Are you in the market for a new full suspension e-bike but feeling overwhelmed by the plethora of options available? Look no more! We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 suspension e-bikes for 2021 to help you make an informed decision and find the perfect ride for your needs.

Why choose a full suspension ebike?

Full suspension e-bikes offer a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially over rough and challenging terrain. The added suspension not only improves the overall handling and control of the bike, but also increases rider comfort and reduces fatigue. Whether you’re a recreational rider or an experienced mountain biker, the full suspension eBike can take your riding experience to the next level.

2021 6 suspension electric bike

Professional turbocharged Levo SL

Known for its lightweight design and powerful motor, the Turbo Levo SL is the first choice for drivers who value agility and performance.

Long haul railway

With its stylish design and impressive range, the Trek Rail is a versatile electric bike for both off-road riding and daily commuting.

Giant Trance E+

The Giant Trance E+ offers a smooth and responsive ride thanks to its advanced suspension system and durable frame.

Ganondale Motla Neo

Powered by Bosch Performance Line CX motors, the Cannondale Moterra Neo delivers exceptional power and performance on any terrain.

Haibai XDURO AllMtn

The Hybaix XDURO AllMtn is a reliable and durable electric bike that performs well both uphill and downhill.

Scott Genius eRIDE

Known for its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the Scott Genius eRIDE delivers a responsive and dynamic riding experience.


Is it better to have a full suspension bike?

With the rear wheels firmly on the ground, a full suspension bike also gives you better traction than a hard tail. That’s not to say that hardtails don’t give you a good grip – on flatter terrain, you’ll barely notice the difference between the two. But when the ground deforms hard, full suspension comes into play.

How long does a full suspension bike last?

How long is the life of a full suspension bike? If properly maintained, a mountain bike can last more than 20 years. The longevity of a bike depends largely on where and how much you ride it. Some things wear out, tires, chains, brake pads, and drivetrains don’t last forever.

Is a full suspension bike suitable for long distance riding?

Rocks, roots, potholes, and bumps are absorbed by the aftershock, not by your body, back, and hips. This means you are less tired, can ride more efficiently, and can ride further and faster. That’s why even off-road drivers now often opt for full suspension.

Can you lock up a full suspension bike?

Mountain bike suspensions usually have a variety of modes to better set the bike to climb or descend, and one of the common features is locking.

Is it okay to hang a full-suspension mountain bike?

Yes. No doubt about it. In fact, this is the best way to store any bike with a suspension fork. All suspension forks have struts (shiny tubes) that slide in and out of the fork legs (bits attached to the wheels).

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