Top 6 Secrets To Remove Wrinkles Ironing

While ironing is an easy way to get rid of creases from your clothing, it’s not always a choice. Fortunately, there are some reliable techniques you can use to remove wrinkles without using an iron. These suggestions by professional clothes ironing services can be helpful whether you’re dealing with non-ironable fabric or travelling without access to an iron. If ironing isn’t an option, think about using a hair dryer, steamer, or dryer instead of a traditional iron. 

You can also take a wrinkle-release spray or hang your clothes in a steamy bathroom. In order to avoid wrinkles in the first place, we’re sharing these suggestions with you along with some preventative steps. This is how to remove wrinkles without using an iron.

Top 6 Secrets To Remove Wrinkles Ironing

  1. Use a Steamer:

Steamers for clothes are an excellent replacement for irons. They work well for making clothes wrinkle-free, but they may be less successful on heavy, thick products. In addition, steamers are less likely to burn fingers or ruin clothing than ironing boards, and you don’t have to carry around an ironing board.

  1. Use a hair dryer:

If the hotel has a hair dryer but not an iron, you may be able to iron out the rumples in your favourite evening gown when travelling. After hanging the clothing, please give it a quick spray to make it slightly damp. 

Experienced clothes ironing services suggest if you are unable to mist it, you can alternatively hang it in the steamy bathroom for a little while. Apply heat from the hair dryer to the creases and use your hand to smooth them out. Use the concentrator nozzle on the hair dryer, if it has one, to help direct the hot air flow. To prevent a fire hazard, keep the hair dryer at least a few inches away from the fabric.

  1. Use the dryer to iron your clothes:

The easiest and most efficient way to fix wrinkled trousers is to put them in a low to medium-heat spin cycle on your clothes dryer for up to 15 minutes. A soothing steam effect can be produced by first misting the garments with a fine mist of water or by placing a small, wet towel or a few ice cubes in the dryer. In fact, some modern dryers offer a steam setting.

Not so much as to fill the clothing; the goal is to dampen them before the cycle. Shrink clothing is worse than one that is wrinkled. Therefore, you should always make sure it is dryer-friendly. While it won’t work on all materials, this tip works well on the majority of cotton and cotton mixes. Additionally, remember to remove the item as soon as the cycle is complete to avoid further creases.

4. Hang Near a Steaming Shower:

While taking a hot shower may not be the most eco-friendly way to remove wrinkles without using an iron, it can nonetheless be effective. The best results will come from the clothing hanging near the shower, a steamy, hot room, and possibly up to twenty minutes of running the water. 

To give the appearance of a steam room, make sure all doors and windows are closed and keep an eye out for any water or soapy splash marks on the materials. In order to avoid the growth of mould and mildew, remember to give the space enough air after steaming.

5. Use a Hot Pot:

Use your creativity and turn a metal pan into a temporary iron. Although it might not be as effective in pressing out the wrinkles, it’s still worth a try in an emergency. For safe success, adhere to the following steps:

Choose a heavy-duty metal pan with an immaculate foundation. In the pan, warm up some water. When the water boils, tip it out. On a level, a hard surface spreads out a towel. Press your garment onto the towel using the pot base as soon as you have poured out the water.

6. Apply a wrinkle remover spray

Buy a wrinkle releaser spray for an easy, fast repair. It may be swiftly utilised when you’re rushing out the door in the morning, and it’s perfect for throwing in luggage if you’re going on a trip. The delightful scent of these fabric-softening items often revives stale clothing that is stashed in your suitcase. 

They are surprisingly effective. To release the wrinkles, spray on the creases, pull and smooth by hand, then hang up the clothing or give it a few shakes. Always test the spray on a hidden area of cloth first, especially silk or rayon fabrics that are sensitive to water spots.


Mastering the art of ironing takes practice, but with these 6 secrets, you’ll be a wrinkle-removing pro in no time. However, for those who don’t have the time or patience to iron, Hello Laundry offers a convenient and professional clothes ironing service. Let us take care of those annoying wrinkles so you can focus on more important things. Search for ‘ironing service near me‘ to find Hello Laundry and enjoy perfectly ironed clothes delivered to your door!

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