What are the Additional Costs to Incur with Dubai Car Rentals?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the best places to visit for a family vacation or getaway with friends. Many people travel to the major cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi for the purpose of work or business as well. Most tourists prefer renting a car in Dubai to get around the city with ease. Dubai car rentals offer the freedom of traveling according to personal timings and convenience. The car booking process is a quick and easy one. But for the best deals you must book your rental car in Dubai wisely. The cost of renting a car in Dubai is a combination of many charges. To know more, give this article a read.  

5 Add-On Charges for Car Rental in Dubai

Some of the areas where you need to bear additional expenses with your car rental in Dubai are discussed below: 

  • Security Deposit: Renting any type of car in Dubai requires you to pay the security deposit to the car rental company. The deposit amount varies and depends upon factors such as rental timeline, car type, brand, and so on. The security deposit is typically held on your credit card which is refunded when you return the car in the expected condition.  
  • Car Insurance: Car insurance is mandatory to rent any car in the United Arab Emirates. Mostly the car rental companies offer car insurance along with the overall package. In case of exceptions, you have to purchase one yourself. To save yourself from additional hassle, enquire about car insurance charges with your seller in advance.   
  • Fuel Costs: Regardless of the amount of fuel your car consumes, you need to bear the cost of it all. While compact cars generally consume less fuel, sedans, SUVs and other luxury cars are high on fuel consumption. 
  • Parking Costs: Whether you opt for daily, weekly or monthly car rentals in Dubai, the parking fee is not included in the overall package. Almost all the locations within the city charge parking fees in Dubai. Hence, you need to incur all such charges on your own. 
  • Driver Fee: If you are not an expert driver, driving in Dubai is not recommended. Within the city the traffic is tightly packed and sometimes rash driving is also seen. In such cases, hiring chauffeur services is the best idea. Although you need to pay extra for a driver, the comfort and safety that comes with it is unmatchable.  

Monthly car rental in Dubai provides the much needed flexibility and convenience to explore Dubai. But it is a must to familiarize yourself with the in-detail charges to be on the safe side. Understanding additional expenses will assist you in planning your budget in a better way. To book the best car in Dubai check out OneClickDrive, a reliable marketplace for cars of varied categories and price ranges. 

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