Honeymooning In Romantic Ice Hotels: 10 Unique Choices To Try

Dreaming of honeymooning in romantic ice hotels? Look no further than the enchanting world of ice hotels, where love meets a frozen paradise. Join us as we delve into 10 cosy experiences crafted especially for newlyweds seeking a romantic getaway in ice hotels.

You can truly discover the magic of honeymooning in these ice havens, all while considering the best couple honeymoon packages that involve luxury ice stays, delightful dining and adventures.

All these places nest in the International regions and must be planned securely in winter to enjoy the special setups like reindeer walks, northern lights and special igloo stays. If by any chance your honeymoon hustling off winters, you can also try romantic destinations in India under 30000 without any second thought. So, without any further ado, let’s get on to the list of romantic ice hotels to try.

10 Best Choices For Honeymooning In Romantic Ice Hotels

If you are looking for honeymooning in romantic ice hotels, here are the top choices to give a try:

1. The Icehotel, Sweden 

The Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi is truly a mesmerising place where nuances are traced back to 1989. The speciality of this ice hotel lies in its design which will be changed every year in winter by designated artisans. It nestles on the banks of the Torne river which has splendid views with a pleasant chilling atmosphere all across.

The stay here has a luxury room beautifully designed out of ice, guest can explore the hotel with top-notch food and stay amenities. As Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi stays far up north, chances to spot northern lights are highly possible.

2. Hotel De Glance, Canada 

Hotel De Glance is located in Quebec City, Canada. This mastery of artistic wonder is carved out by local artisans with skill every year in winter. Guest can pick their stay from various themed rooms depending on the plan you and the guest pick.

De Glance ice bar is a must-try option where you can have beverages of added quality. With unique stays and ice activities like ice skiing, Dog sledging, and panaromic view walks, this place is one of the best choices for honeymooning in romantic ice hotels.

3. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Saariselkä, Finland

Kakslauttanen Artic Resort is cuddled in Finnish Lapland which enchants its guests with unique igloo stays. These igloos are completely covered with ice with glass doors open to the unparalleled views of the snowy terrains and the Northern lights lingering around the Arctic sky. This stay is a remarkable experience with cosy interiors, cuisine mix and hot beverages.

4. Hotel Arctic, Greenland

Hotel Arctic is located in the adorned town of Greenland, Ilulissat. This hotel offers a unique mix of lavishness and arctic adventure for its guests. You can stay in igloo cabins amidst the view of serene vistas of majestic Ilulissat Icefjord, renowned as a world-famous heritage site for its natural splendid. At Hotel Arctic, couples can have a fun boat ride to witness the hovering icebergs calving out from the glaciers. 

5. Hotel Sorrisniva, Norway

Hotel Sorrisniva rests on the banks of the Alta River, Norway. This stay is revered for its captivating blend of romance and poised views. The unique charm of this stay lies in its building structure with ice sculptures and also the super cosy bed adorned with reindeer fur bedding which is second to none when it comes to comfort. Couples can enjoy snowmobile safari, skiing and leisure strolls amidst its pristine wilderness.

6. Snowhotel Kirkenes, Norway

If you are looking for honeymooning in romantic ice hotels in the remote wilderness, Snowhotel Kirkenes is the best viable choice. This place offers couples the serene vistas of the Arctic beauty with an intermingling of various flora and fauna.

With the elements of beautifully carved ice forming, fine bedding and luxury dining options this place can truly embark as one of the best memorable International honeymoon destinations. Guests can enjoy a husk safari, Ice fishing and a frozen lake walk for recreation.

7. Iglu Dorf, Switzerland

Iglu Dorf is a temporary setup stay arranged in various locations in Swiss Ski Resorts. This place not only offers couples with romantic retreat but also aids in enjoying the picturesque views of the Alps.

This place creates the sense of an igloo village filled with snow and ice at the intimate setup of candle-lit dinners under the starry sky. Ice bar, outdoor hot bath tub, and snow-peaked viewpoints are the best experiences here to make your honeymoon more magical.

8. Hotel Of Ice, Romania

This stay has a special set-up high in the Transylvanian Alps overlooking the Balea lake of Romania.  Not only for its romantic nature but the adventure included amidst the charming ice rooms, and styled bedding are also luring factors to pick this place for honeymooning. Couples can surely enjoy the snowshoeing, snow-dwelling and cave adventures nearby. One can also enjoy a hot bath at the cover of mountain views along with top-class dining.

9. Bjorli Ice Lodge, Norway

This place rests in the Norwegian mountains offering its guests a romantic escape to the scenic beauty of the Arctic wilderness. It has ice rooms adorned with luxury interiors carved out of ice creating a special intimate setting for the couples. In leisure, you can enjoy the adventures strolling through the nearby wilderness, and ice pathways and soak in the hot spa treatment for rejuvenation.

10. Balea Ice Hotel, Romania

This place has a special touch of Transylvanian Alps best for its winter escape setup. Completely made of ice and snow this hotel features rooms with extreme comfort to beat the chilling cold and enjoy your intimate honeymoon. With the serene vistas of Balea Lake amidst the mountain views this place turns truly magical in the night under the stars with the seeping cool breeze.

Tips For Planning Honeymooning In Romantic Ice Hotels

Research ice hotels in the desired locations, consider weather conditions, pack appropriate clothing, plan indoor and outdoor activities, book accommodations prior and experiences in advance, and enjoy the unique romance of icy landscapes utmost.

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